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In light of the freshwater resource dearth crisis globally, Tianquan is committed to implement the strategy of scientific and technology innovation. Successfully developed “Tianquan Atmospheric Water Generator” domestically, offering the fresh, clean drinking water solution for areas with severe water resource scarcity and heavy water pollution. Water-from-air is one of the best solutions available for the provision of fresh, pure, potable water.
13 years exploring for fresh,clean water
28 years China dream for water-from-air
Solution for the provision of fresh, pure, potable water
For better drinking water
Make drinking water as natural as breathing

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Ideal for family use, a plug-and-drink solution easy to install and placeable anywhere.


Ideal for public places use,eg: offices, banks, clubs, hospitals, and so on.


Extracts water from the air. Traditional water source not required. Powered by solar energ...


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