Established marketing centers in Hainan, Chengdu and Dongguan, to expand the national market layout ;

Jointly developed military electronic refrigeration technology with related electronic research institute;

More comprehensive product categories with the launch of a small AWG -T8 and a large AWG - Cheetah 2000;

Built cooperative relationship with Israel's Watergen to lead pioneering air water technology;

Received national, provincial and municipal certificates of honor;

Created more than 60 patents in total.


Created more than 50 patents of AWG in total.

The AWG with more powerful functions and higher water production efficiency was introduced--T10, L28, L50, L60 and Cheetah 1000 of third-generation;

The R&D base moved to Guangming district, Shenzhen;

Received the Quality Management System Certification (iso9001:2008), national product certification, health licensing, SGS water quality certification, etc.

Signed a formal cooperation agreement with Watergen in Israel;

The AWG landed in Houhai park and Oct Wetland park in Shenzhen;

Acquired the software company and built the new software R&D control center in Chengdu, focusing on the research and development of the air water control system;

Entrusted Huawei to develop big data cloud system of Tianquan;

Cooperated with the manufacturing giant, Eva Holdings to create a new height of air water industry;

Moved marketing center into Futian CBD in Shenzhen and completed the upgrade of new brand;

Won the Top Ten Popular Products and Excellent Exhibition Award of the 19th China Hi-tech Fair;


Obtained the invention patent of "Air Water Generator", and created more than 20 patents in total;

The first generation of Air Water Generator was introduced with the national 3C certification and water safety certification.

Built Shenzhen Charity Association·Tianquan Air Water Charity Fund; sponsored and participated in the Tianquan Charity Party and the second generation AWG was displayed in the party;

Formally divested industrial waste water recovery business, focus on the in-depth research and development of air water technology;

Officially settled in Pingshan district in Shenzhen as China's first professional manufacturer of air water.


Tianquan was established and committed to the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water;

The developed "Air Water Generator" applied for national patents;

It successfully developed household UF water purifier with rear UV sterilization, household water softener, RO water purifier, micro-waste water treatment;

In the air water industry, Tianquan is the first one to obtain the air water patent certificate;

New strategic shareholders have increased the capital and reformed the company.






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